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Our Story

Coffee & Bark is made up of two fairly cool guys with a love of people, dogs, and coffee!

It’s always been said that “there is no time like the present,” so here we are! Our love for coffee started over 20 years ago. Like many, it began with a simple cup of coffee which quickly turned into a full career in the coffee industry. Working in many well-known coffee shops as your favorite barista; eventually lead into some big boy titles! We share that not to brag but to say, we have truly experienced the coffee world from all angles and gosh all mighty, its delicious!


Throughout our years, the different brands we’ve worked with and the many humans we've served; one thing that always remained true - kindness starts with caffeine!


From our coffee journey, we decided it was finally time to make our mark - bringing you the best coffee shop around; Coffee & Bark. We believe that there is no better way to start a morning than with a delicious cup of coffee! We are committed to delivering the best and freshest coffee, pastries and gourmet dog treats (of course) in an inclusive environment - where all is welcome to sit back, relax and be your entire best self!

Their Story

The beginnings of Coffee & Bark wasn't always just the two of us...there was four. The true heart of our company and the "Bark" in our name was for the love of our furbabies; Q-Tip and Zoey.

Q-Tip (a.k.a Mr. Tippers & Q) was our Lhasa Apso and Bichon Frise mix furbaby. He was our oldest pup; while loving and kind, he was very independent. Q-Tip was our first so of course he had to know all the tricks! From shake, sit to crawl to "grab your leash," freeze, and kisses - there was nothing he couldn't do. Through camping trips and living life in New York City; Q-Tip was there. He was our fearless partner but most of all, our best friend! 

Zoey (a.k.a Zoey Bernard, Zo, & Zobers) was our Saint Bernard. She was our gentle giant; the most loving, caring, and patient. She was our second furbaby so the importance of tricks were definitely out the window! While being the sweetest pup, she was also the best security guard! She heard everything. Her bark? It was ferocious but it was all for show. Zoey came at a new chapter in our life; the "let's settle down chapter" after moving back home to Michigan. She had a heart of gold and was truly our baby.

Coffee & Bark was two years in the making before our doors open. During that time, our Zoey passed away in June of 2022 at the age of 12. In the same year, our Q-Tip also passed away in October of 2022 at the age of 18. In honor and memory of our furbabies, we named our private office "The Q" and our coworking/event space "The Zo." Not only are the rooms a representation of their size but also the use of each space perfectly fits their personalities!

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