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No but really, dogs are welcome; INSIDE!

After months of planning and working with the great city of Berkley, Michigan and the Oakland county health department; we bring to you, "BarkEasy!" An extension of our coffee shop, Coffee & Bark; made with you and your pup in mind!

BarkEasy welcomes you to enjoy all your favorite CB crafted drinks, sweet treats, and pastries. Whether you're looking to kickback and relax, catch up with friends, or get some serious work done, there's nothing better than doing it with your four-legged bestie by your side!​


Skip the guessing game! Reserve a table for you and your pup in BarkEasy. Enjoy guarantee seating without the hassle and wait. Reservations starting at $8.


Whether it's a birthday party (or pawty), wedding shower, or baby shower; let your four-legged bestie be a part of the celebration. Book your next event in our space!


​How did you come up with the name "BarkEasy?"

Naming this space was greatly influenced by the logistics of BarkEasy. With having a separate back entrance, it was only fitting to name it BarkEasy - our spin on a speakeasy.

When visiting BarkEasy, what can I expect?

You can expect all the cozy vibes, crafted drinks, and sweet treats that you've come to know and love of Coffee & Bark (but with your dog)!

Do I have to have a dog to enjoy this space?

Definitely not! BarkEasy was created with dog owners and dog lovers in mind.

How do I access BarkEasy?

While BarkEasy is connected to Coffee & Bark, guests with dogs may only enter through our designated back entrance.

Are dogs allowed in other areas of Coffee & Bark?

Due to health department restrictions, dogs are only allowed in BarkEasy; our dog-friendly zone.

How do I place an order in BarkEasy?

Just like our patio zone, there will be convenient QR codes placed at every table. Scan QR code. Place your order. We deliver. 

If I am sitting in BarkEasy, can I go order at the register inside Coffee & Bark instead?

All dogs must be on a leash, be supervised at all times, and remain in our dog-friendly zone - BarkEasy. If your answer is yes to all the above, you may certainly order at the register or by QR code. ​

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